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For many happy hundreds of years, Jews lived and thrived in Poland. Poland- known by the Yiddish speaking Jews as the Old Country- was the only European state of any significance that never accepted that the persecution of the Jews was a necessary part of the given order of the Christian world.

Through the centuries, persecuted Jews from all over Europe moved to Poland. Not only were they able to survive, but they enjoyed the possibility of developing their own specific culture, using their own specific language- Yiddish. Jews were an integral part of Polish society, whether in the smaller towns (shtetl) or in the major cities of Warsaw, Cracow, Lublin, Łódź. A vibrant Jewish- Polish culture was enabled through the tolerance that Polish rulers extended to the Jewish population. Even the vicissitudes of Polish history did not threaten this status quo, until 1939 and the German invasion of Poland. In 1939 , there were 3.3 million Jews living in Poland. In 1945, the number was around 30,000. Polish cities were decimated after losing 30-50% of their population. The Jews have not since returned to their “Old Country “. In recent years the interest in Jewish culture in Poland has experienced a major revival, particularly stimulated by the opening of “ Polin”, the magnificent Jewish Museum in Warsaw in 2014. The process, which we will become part of, can be described as breaking the silence of the past . The Jewish- Polish Cultural Project intends to contribute to this process on a regular basis. Creating projects which research and revive the heritage of the past, at the same time as understanding the relevance for our world today. The Nazis destroyed the Jewish people in Poland, and they destroyed their culture, but they could not destroy their past, and the richness of their heritage. It is our aim and our responsibility to revive the vitality, beauty, diversity and spiritual depth of Polish Jewish culture through theatre, film, music and visual art. The result will be a Jewish/ Polish cultural dialogue. We would be delighted if you could join us on this journey.